Lovely and pretty forehead

Smaller and more balanced face with Ruby's solution!

Forehead Reduction Surgery

Operation Hour 2 Hours
Anesthesia Local Anesthesia
Hospitalization Day Treatment
Stitch out 10 days
Downtime 2~3 days

What is Forehead Reduction Surgery?

Improves wide forehead complex, Forehead Reduction Surgery.

It is a permanent surgical method that involves cutting the facial area along the hairline, which was difficult to improve with surgery, and lowering the scalp to the forehead to reduce the wide forehead. It has the effect of making your face smaller while keeping your hair line, hair length and density, without waiting for several months until the hair comes out.

Forehead Reduction Surgery

This is what's good!


The contour looks small with a design that fits the face proportion.


The long looking face looks smaller as the upper face part is decreased.


There is no change in the eyebrows and eyes as the scalp is moved down to the forehead.


You can feel natural and refined at the same time.

Recommended to

Case 01

Those who are worried because their forehead is wide and their face look big

Case 02

Those whose face is long because the height of the forehead is high

Case 03

Those who had hair transplantation but had little effect

Case 04

Those whose forehead shape is M-shaped

Golden ratio for an ideal face

Golden ratio for an ideal face

Often when talking about the golden ratio of the face, it says when it comes to the ratio of 1 (upper): 1 (middle): 0.8 (below).

If the upper face is longer than the middle face, you can reduce the upper face to achieve a beautiful and natural face ratio.







Core Competitiveness


Minimize scars!


Immediate effect Discharge the same day!


Minimize swelling and bruising!


Specialists with years of experience and knowledge perform directly!
  • With Rubi's unique know-how, the patient undergoes surgery through a micro incision, resulting in fewer scarring and less damage to the hair follicles
  • Unlike hair transplantation where hair grows, it is possible to see the immediate effect by maintaining the hair line of your own, as opposed to the hair transplantation which is completely effective. The operation time is shorter and quicker than that of hair transplantation, and so recovery is fast and you can be discharged on that day.
  • Surgery through an endoscope minimizes blood vessel and nerve damage, so there is little bleeding and few bruises and swelling.
  • Based on sufficient consultation and diagnostic analysis of professional medical staff who are rich in experience and know-hows, we can finish the most natural and stylish forehead for individual's face.

Surgical Method



Safety first patient-centered Anti-aging

why it should be Ruby!

1:1 Customized Lifting Surgery

Surgery is performed with consideration of patient’s facial ratio, skin condition individually for natural and high satisfaction.

Safe Anesthesia real-time monitoring system

Anesthesiologist specialist resides for 1:1 responsible anesthesia system until the end of the surgery

Thorough Aseptic Sterilization System

Perfect prevention from super virus and various infections risks; safety ensured with thorough daily sterilization and aseptic sterilization system

Ruby's Advanced Lifting Technique

Maximized lifting effect by abundant experiences with Ruby's advanced skills in many years.

University Hospital graded emergency system

High-tech equipment with professional staffs and university hospital graded emergency system

Fast Recovery

Fast Recovery with minimal incision for less bruise, swollen and scar.

1:1 exclusive responsibility system

We figure out a patient's need through 1:1 customized consulting and arrange the exact treatment.

We establish a surgery plan most suitable for the patient's face based on the consulting result, and it is the system where a responsible doctor will take totally responsible for the whole process from consultation before surgery to follow-up case.

1:1 Customer customized service

We provide customer-oriented medical service with high satisfaction including systematic consultation and management by the personal doctor customized to patient's individual features and surgery process from consultation before surgery to follow-up care

Professional medical team's treatment system by section

We make the most effort to provide more satisfactory surgery result through precise diagnosis and surgery by professional medical team by each part such as eyes surgery, nose surgery, face contouring, breast surgery, body surgery and surgery for making a baby face.

Accurate and safe professional anesthesia system

As a professional doctor in the anesthesiology always resides in the hospital, we arrange a safe surgery by performing responsible anesthesia and checking the patient's state during the whole processes of the surgery.

We've built a university hospital-class emergency care system in order to rapidly respond to emergency situation which may occur in the hospital.

Built up high-tech medical equipment for safe surgery

We perform safe and exact surgery by introducing high-tech medical equipment including the air sterilizer, independent electric power system, uninterruptable power supply, automated external defibrillator and emergency rescue equipment and by analyzing the patient's state precisely.