Eye and forehead wrinkles at once

Resilience forehead, young looking face!

Forehead Lift

Operation Hour 1.5 hours
Anesthesia Local or Local Anesthesia
Hospitalization Not required
Stitch out After a week
Downtime Daily life after 1-2 weeks

What is Forehead lift?

Droopy or saggy eyes and forehead wrinkles can be lifted at once, Forehead Lift

Middle aging is caused by facial wrinkles caused by repeated muscle contractions, sagging due to gravity, and degeneration of soft tissues. Eye wrinkles and dents effects eyebrow and eyes and when these aging symptoms get worse, forehead lifting surgery is necessary.

Wrinkles on






Lifting at once
Ruby's forehead lift

Recommended to

Case 01

Wrinkles and saggy eyebrows by aging process

Case 02

Wrinkles on forehead because of habit to use forehead muscle

Case 03

Short distance between eyes and think eyelid

Case 04

Narrowed, flat forehead

Surgery Area

The aging phenomenon after middle age always comes from the forehead and eyes.

After middle age, anti-aging must solve the fundamental forehead and eyebrow deflection phenomenon.


Eyebrows are the first thing that affects the forehead by aging process.

If the eyebrows are droopy, the eyelids will droop, the drooping of the eyelids will be combined with the effect of it and the eyes will become more severely small and the eyelids will not be visible. Ruby’s forehead lifting surgery lifts the forehead and eyebrows, helping to create a refreshed, youthful image.


Bright, younger baby face!


Comprehensive lifting of upper face!


Quick recovery without swelling, bruising, bleeding!


Specialists with years of experience and knowledge perform directly!
  • As forehead wrinkles improve, the eyebrow arise, and the whole face looks younger and brighter.
  • It is a comprehensive lifting of the upper face that is improved at once such as wrinkle on forehead or glabellar, drooping of the eyebrows or eyelid drooping, and etc.
  • It is a delicate and sophisticated surgery by the advanced endoscopic equipment to minimize the damage to the surrounding tissues and pull out the wider area for balance.
  • We use safe endotine which is completely absorbed within 1 year without any other substances.
  • 1:1 personalized lifting improves to get a young and beautiful image.

Point! Ruby's Forehead lift


Semi-permanent effect with a single surgery


Use endotine safely that is absorbed into the body within 1 year


Minimized scar and nerve damage


Fast recovery period!

Surgical method

Make a long incision 5cm behind the hairline.

Peel the entire forehead up to the eyebrow area.

The drooped forehead skin and muscles are stitched up to the maximum.

Precautions after the Surgery

  • During the first two days after the treatment, swelling and bruising can occur, and then gradually disappear. When sleeping, do not bend your head or kneel down and support two or three pillows with a soft pillow, which will help settle the swelling and pain.
  • Be careful not to shock or rub the fat injected area.
    (If you have done the forehead fat graft, it is best to use a hat that is not pressured on your forehead or not to wear a hat at all.)
  • When you sleep, it is best to straighten your posture (especially the cheek area.)
  • After the treatment, massages or meridian massages should be received after 3 months.
  • Drinking and smoking will slow down the healing of the wound so it is best to refrain from it. If it is unavoidable, it can be done at least 4 weeks later.

Safety first patient-centered Anti-aging

why it should be Ruby!

1:1 Customized Lifting Surgery

Surgery is performed with consideration of patient’s facial ratio, skin condition individually for natural and high satisfaction.

Safe Anesthesia real-time monitoring system

Anesthesiologist specialist resides for 1:1 responsible anesthesia system until the end of the surgery

Thorough Aseptic Sterilization System

Perfect prevention from super virus and various infections risks; safety ensured with thorough daily sterilization and aseptic sterilization system

Ruby's Advanced Lifting Technique

Maximized lifting effect by abundant experiences with Ruby's advanced skills in many years.

University Hospital graded emergency system

High-tech equipment with professional staffs and university hospital graded emergency system

Fast Recovery

Fast Recovery with minimal incision for less bruise, swollen and scar.

1:1 exclusive responsibility system

We figure out a patient's need through 1:1 customized consulting and arrange the exact treatment.

We establish a surgery plan most suitable for the patient's face based on the consulting result, and it is the system where a responsible doctor will take totally responsible for the whole process from consultation before surgery to follow-up case.

1:1 Customer customized service

We provide customer-oriented medical service with high satisfaction including systematic consultation and management by the personal doctor customized to patient's individual features and surgery process from consultation before surgery to follow-up care

Professional medical team's treatment system by section

We make the most effort to provide more satisfactory surgery result through precise diagnosis and surgery by professional medical team by each part such as eyes surgery, nose surgery, face contouring, breast surgery, body surgery and surgery for making a baby face.

Accurate and safe professional anesthesia system

As a professional doctor in the anesthesiology always resides in the hospital, we arrange a safe surgery by performing responsible anesthesia and checking the patient's state during the whole processes of the surgery.

We've built a university hospital-class emergency care system in order to rapidly respond to emergency situation which may occur in the hospital.

Built up high-tech medical equipment for safe surgery

We perform safe and exact surgery by introducing high-tech medical equipment including the air sterilizer, independent electric power system, uninterruptable power supply, automated external defibrillator and emergency rescue equipment and by analyzing the patient's state precisely.