Safe Semi-permanent effect

Bright baby face


Operation Hour About 1 hour
Anesthesia Painless Local Anesthesia(Regional Anesthesia)
Hospitalization Not required
Stitch out After 1-2 weeks
Downtime Daily life after 1-2weeks

What is Endotine?

Tightens sagging, loosen skin for yourger look with Endotine!

The endotine is using an implant to fix in the skin and pull the skin to the desired position to wrinkle and increase the elasticity of the skin.

It is especially effective for the improvement of deep wrinkles, and it is absorbed in the body after 6 months, so it is more natural and semi-permanent lifting effect.

Wrinkles on the whole face and neck can improve


Natural look with the utmost effect!


Semi-permanent on various parts!


To the Youth!
Ruby Endotine lifting!

Recommended to

Case 01

If there is thick and deep wrinkles on forehead and glabella.

Case 02

If eyebrows and eyelids are severely sagging.

Case 03

Wrinkles cannot be improved with Botox.

Case 04

Jaw line is saggy due to loosen skin on the cheek.

Case 05

If you raise eyebrows frequently when opening eyes.

Area for Endotine

General thread lifting VS Endotine

General thread lifting
The improvement on wrinkle is limited due to the weakness of pulling out the skin.
The incision is wide and the visible scar may occur
1-2 years
About 2 hours
A foreign body sensation may occur if the thread is not soluable. If the melting thread is used, the duration of the lifting effect is short.
Five hooks pull the skin tissue intensively which cannot be improved with Botox, the laser treatment!
Scars in the head of the scalp are not visible with incision. Microscopic incisions cause minimized scar.
10 years
About 1 hour
Slowly absorbed in the body for one year after insertion, completely disappears, but the lifting effect is maintained semi-permanently

Core competitiveness


Effective for improving deep wrinkles and sagging skin on forehead!


Semi-permanent effect with a single surgery!


Quick recovery without swelling, bruising, bleeding!


Professional medical staff with full of experience in many years performs the surgery!
Improvement on wrinkles
Fine wrinkles and short wrinkles are suitable for botox and laser treatment. However, endotine has five protrusions, which are finely fixed to the skin tissue and spread the force evenly, so that the wrinkles are pulled to obtain a better lifting effect.
Natural result with absorbable implants
The endotine is fixed to the skin tissue within 1 to 2 months after the procedure and is gradually absorbed in the body for 6 to 12 months and disappears completely, resulting in a natural V-line with minimal scar.
Semi-permanent effect with short operation time!
Endotine, which is performed through a small incision, has the advantage of being able to confirm the effect of the small incision, the short operation time, and the minimal swelling and bruise.
Various parts available
Endodyne can perform a wide range of treatments for desired areas such as forehead, smile line and sagging jaw line, and can be pulled freely in various directions.
Long-lasting effect
Because a small incision, using the advanced endoscope is performed, there is no worry about scarring, and the whole procedure is performed through the monitor through the monitor, so there is little damage to the nerves, blood vessels and major tissues. It is a low possibility of side effects or complications and a fast recovery.
Tightening Effect with advanced technique
Since the endotine is inserted and lifted as much as the excoriating portion, the effect of lifting is less if the excoriation is narrowed. Based on the long-standing know-how of skilled specialists, Ruby can be used to excoriate the sagging area and insert the endotine for a lifting effect. Since it is a sophisticated procedure that involves wide excoriation, the surgery should be performed by a high skilled specialist.

The effect of Endotine


Outstanding effect on think and deep wrinkle.


Place the endotine through the fine holes.


Excoriate from the eyebrows to the temporal area and pull them up.


Hold the skin, press towards the endotine.

Surgical method

Incision and excoriation
Incision two back sides of the hair line about 3 ~ 4cm.

Place the endotine through the fine holes.

Insert endotine
Excoriate from the eyebrows to the temporal area and pull them up.

Hold the skin, press towards the endotine.

Precautions after the Surgery

  • No salty food after the procedure to prevent swelling. It is also advisable to avoid hard or tough foods during recovery.
  • If you have swelling or pain after the procedure, it is better to apply ice compression. On the day 3 from the surgery, please apply warm compression.
  • Sufficient rest and vitamin C intake helps to regenerate collagen. Do not laugh or open too wide for 4 weeks after the surgery.
  • No drinking and smoking for 4 weeks for the healing process.
  • No dental treatment within 2 months after the procedure!

Safety first patient-centered Lifting Surgery

why it should be Ruby!

1:1 Customized Lifting Surgery

Surgery is performed with customized implant accordingly to patients’ height, hip, length of legs individually.

Safe Anesthesia real-time monitoring system

Anesthesiologist specialist resides for 1:1 responsible anesthesia system until the end of the surgery

Thorough Aseptic Sterilization System

Perfect prevention from super virus and various infections risks; safety ensured with thorough daily sterilization and aseptic sterilization system

Ruby's Advanced Lifting Technique

Maximized lifting effect by abundant experiences with Ruby's advanced skills in many years.

University Hospital graded emergency system

High-tech equipment with professional staffs and university hospital graded emergency system

Fast Recovery

Fast Recovery with minimal incision for less bruise, swollen and scar.

1:1 exclusive responsibility system

We figure out a patient's need through 1:1 customized consulting and arrange the exact treatment.

We establish a surgery plan most suitable for the patient's face based on the consulting result, and it is the system where a responsible doctor will take totally responsible for the whole process from consultation before surgery to follow-up case.

1:1 Customer customized service

We provide customer-oriented medical service with high satisfaction including systematic consultation and management by the personal doctor customized to patient's individual features and surgery process from consultation before surgery to follow-up care

Professional medical team's treatment system by section

We make the most effort to provide more satisfactory surgery result through precise diagnosis and surgery by professional medical team by each part such as eyes surgery, nose surgery, face contouring, breast surgery, body surgery and surgery for making a baby face.

Accurate and safe professional anesthesia system

As a professional doctor in the anesthesiology always resides in the hospital, we arrange a safe surgery by performing responsible anesthesia and checking the patient's state during the whole processes of the surgery.

We've built a university hospital-class emergency care system in order to rapidly respond to emergency situation which may occur in the hospital.

Built up high-tech medical equipment for safe surgery

We perform safe and exact surgery by introducing high-tech medical equipment including the air sterilizer, independent electric power system, uninterruptable power supply, automated external defibrillator and emergency rescue equipment and by analyzing the patient's state precisely.