Smooth and slim leg lines with only one surgery!

Calf Surgery

Operation Hour About 30 minutes
Anesthesia Painless Local Anesthesia(Regional Anesthesia if needed)
Hospitalization Not required
Stitch out Not required
Downtime Daily life available immediately after the surgery

What is calf surgery?

It is a procedure that makes the rough calf smooth and thin.

Ruby analyzes individual calf condition accurately and applies the most suitable procedure to you to complete the beautiful and balanced legs.

calf line


Well-balanced body shape


Perfect S shape effect!


Hilarious S shape with Ruby Calf Surgery

Recommended to

Case 01

If you want a slim and smooth calf line

Case 02

If there's overdeveloped muscle on calf.

Case 03

If the calves are uneven.

Case 04

If the calves get swelling and fats.

Case 05

If the outfit does not good because of protruding calves.

Type of development of calf muscle

Calves are made up of various muscles. Especially, when the outermost gastrocnemius of the back muscle develops, the commonly known 'bulging muscle' become prominent.

In Ruby, you can choose the type of surgery that best suits your needs, resulting in slim and sleek with high satisfaction.

Medial developmental type
Easily developed over a wide area compared to other sites.
If you wear high heels or give strength, it will cause stress to the most piercing part.
Overdeveloped the inner bulging muscle, causing the uneven line.
Lateral development type
Less muscle mass.
Developed mainly by genetic factors, excessive exercise, abnormalities of leg structures.
If overdeveloped, back pain may appear or may be seen as an 'oh' leg
Soleus development type
The thickest and broadest muscle of the calf muscles.
Overdeveloped inner and outer calf flexion.
Easier development with 'O' shaped legs.
Complex development type
Complex type of internal and external soleus development
The biceps and calf lines are getting bigger and the whole muscular line is formed.
Mainly for athletes or sportsmen
Fat + muscle development type
Apparently thicker overall with more muscle and fat
Overall limb contours are visible
It occurs mainly when the lower limb circulation is decreased, the abnormal structure of the legs or the abnormal shape, or flat feet.

Core competitiveness


Completion of slim and smooth calf line!


Safe and successful surgery!


Minimal tissue damage with less pain and rapid recovery!


Professional medical staff with full of experience in many years performs the surgery!
smooth leg lines!
Not only will your calf line get smoother, but you can also get a long, slim line on each leg.
Minimize tissue damage
with excellent effect!
Minimize tissue damage to the motor nerves, blood vessels and muscles with the excellent effect by sophisticated treatment with various equipment.
No visible scar! No Pain!
Fast recovery!
No visible scar and less pain with non-incision surgery, so the immediate daily life is possible.

Advantages of Ruby calf surgery

Slim and smooth

Ruby calf surgery

Completion with
slim and smooth




Improves your


Types of Calf Surgery

Selective neuroplasty

It is a method to selectively block the gastrocnemius of the calf called 'bulging muscle' using the high frequency energy. Unlike nerve laxation, which has a high incidence of side effects due to the dissolution of nerves with drugs, it selectively treats only those muscles, so that there is little damage to the surrounding tissues.
In addition, since muscles are not burned directly like muscular degeneration, pain and edema are few after the surgery, enabling the immediate daily life.

Exceptional calf volume reduction

Minimize surrounding tissue damage

Precise and safe nerve block and semi-permanent effect with single operation!

Evenly smooth calf line from the inner, outer calves.

Muscle relaxation

Using the mid-frequency or high-frequency heat to directly burn the gastrocnemius and necrotizing the muscles, it can directly cause heat to the muscle itself, which can cause edema, but can partially remove the muscles needed.

After a slight recovery with pulling sensation and bruise Almost no other sensory nerve or muscle damage

High satisfaction with precise operation

Significantly low recurrence rate

A definite effect

  • Eliminate damage to other muscles and nerves, and smooth outer calf lines by combining sophisticated techniques with gastrocnemius and soleus.
  • Recurrence is caused by the nature of the peripheral nerve to regenerate the injured area by itself, but muscle relaxation by ruby’s technique reduces the recurrence rate to the utmost by nerve block using superfine laser.
  • It blocks the motor nerves that control the muscles by using superfine laser, and confirms the movement of the gastrocnemius due to nerve stimulation.

Calf Botox

Botox is used to temporarily paralyze the gastrocnemius muscle on calf to degenerate and shrink the muscles, shortening the procedure time and activating it immediately.

Simple and safe surgery without scar and anesthesia

Simple injection to induce muscle contraction

Daily life immediately with short time for injection and fast recovery

Repeat treatment after 6-12 months for maintaining the effect of semi-permanent Botox.

Precautions after the surgery

  • Take medication as prescribed by the surgeon. It is best to take a rest on the day of the surgery, avoiding heavy activities.
  • The fluid may flow from within 24 hours to 3 days after surgery, and there may be bruising and swelling on the surgical site.
  • Wear the compression garments the next day or after removing the bandages.
  • It is best to wear it for about 2 ~ 3 months to reduce the swelling and settle the skin in the right position.
  • It is recommended to take a shower after one week so that the wound can heal well. Also, it is recommended not to rub the wound and avoid contact with water.
  • Drinking and smoking can make you feel better after 4 weeks.

Safety first patient-centered
Body Contouring Surgery

why it should be Ruby!

1:1 Customized Body Contouring Surgery

Surgery is performed with customized implant accordingly to patients’ height, hip, length of legs individually.

Safe Anesthesia real-time monitoring system

Anesthesiologist specialist resides for 1:1 responsible anesthesia system until the end of the surgery

Thorough Aseptic Sterilization System

Perfect prevention from super virus and various infections risks; safety ensured with thorough daily sterilization and aseptic sterilization system

Selectable choices of approved brand-specific implants

Using FDA and KFDA approved implants to ensure patient safety after surgery and establishing higher satisfactory outcome.

University Hospital graded emergency system

High-tech equipment with professional staffs and university hospital graded emergency system.

Aftercare Program

Customized step-by-step aftercare program for faster recovery and best surgical outcome.

1:1 exclusive responsibility system

We figure out a patient's need through 1:1 customized consulting and arrange the exact treatment.

We establish a surgery plan most suitable for the patient's face based on the consulting result, and it is the system where a responsible doctor will take totally responsible for the whole process from consultation before surgery to follow-up case.

1:1 Customer customized service

We provide customer-oriented medical service with high satisfaction including systematic consultation and management by the personal doctor customized to patient's individual features and surgery process from consultation before surgery to follow-up care

Professional medical team's treatment system by section

We make the most effort to provide more satisfactory surgery result through precise diagnosis and surgery by professional medical team by each part such as eyes surgery, nose surgery, face contouring, breast surgery, body surgery and surgery for making a baby face.

Accurate and safe professional anesthesia system

As a professional doctor in the anesthesiology always resides in the hospital, we arrange a safe surgery by performing responsible anesthesia and checking the patient's state during the whole processes of the surgery.

We've built a university hospital-class emergency care system in order to rapidly respond to emergency situation which may occur in the hospital.

Built up high-tech medical equipment for safe surgery

We perform safe and exact surgery by introducing high-tech medical equipment including the air sterilizer, independent electric power system, uninterruptable power supply, automated external defibrillator and emergency rescue equipment and by analyzing the patient's state precisely.