Functional and Aesthetical Improvement at once!

Inverted nipple correction

Operation Hour About 30-40 minutes
Anesthesia Painless Local Anesthesia
Hospitalization Not required
Stitch out After 10 days
Downtime Daily life after 1-2 weeks

What is nipple correction?

With the breast and the most harmonious nipples, both functional and aesthetical!

A normal nipple is not protruding and is flat or buried in the breast.
It is one of the inconveniences of many women who have in three of 100.
The nipple tissues are short or short and the nipple is caught in the papillary ducts. In severe cases, the nipple is covered with white secretions, smells, inflammation and papillitis occur. If the nipple is inverted, many surgeries are performed to restore the function of feeding as well as for cosmetic purposes.

Recommended to

Case 01

If the nipple is inverted and you want to improve it aesthetically.

Case 02

If there is a problem with the feeding function after giving birth.

Case 03

Injury to the papilla with inflammatory disease.

Causes of Inverted nipple

When the nipple and the supporting tissue are lacking and buried inside.
If the duct below the nipple is short and pulls the nipple inward
If you are born naturally due to genetic influences

Types of Inverted nipple

Type A
If the nipple is occasionally inverted.
Type B
Pulling on the nipple can be possible but not retained.
Type C
If you cannot pull the nipple easily.

Type A is a natural healing case, which can be calibrated using instruments such as massage or pumping, and can be cured naturally during lactation. In case of B or C type, do not protrude to the irritation, and it is recommended to receive correction surgery to prevent diseases such as inflammation for breastfeeding.

Purpose of Inverted Nipple Correction

Around 15-18 mastoid tissues are required to be discharged to the outside in total in the process of milk secretion in the nipple. If the nipple is inverted, the secretion is not smoothly discharged, and it may accumulate as residue, resulting in odor or inflammation.
Prevention of Secondary Infection
If the infection is infected by the bacteria that resides in the ducts and when the secretions are clogged, the inflammation will not be discharged to the outside and it will take longer to heal. In some cases, the mammary line may be damaged, melted or not breastfed.
As for the aesthetic view, the shape of the nipple can be out of the normal category, which can lead to loss of sexual attractiveness, which can reduce confidence.
Normal feeding may not be possible if the nipple is deeply inverted.

Core Competitivenss


Improve aesthetic and functional problem at once!


Accurate and safe surgery!


Surgeons with know-how of abundant experience in the operation for many years performs directly!

What's this point?

  • Consideration of the harmony in both breast and nipple.
  • Breast feeding is possible because it keeps the mammary line and ducts.
  • Smaller scarring than the existing surgery, small scar, short operation time and quick recovery.
  • Less side effects such as sensory damage after surgery due to accurate and delicate surgery.
Functional correction
breastfeeding possible
Aesthetical correction
inverted nipple correction
Disease prevention
prevention of breast-related diseases such as papillitis


Inverted nipple correction

Surgical method

Preservation method / Breastfeeding is possible

Many women prefer the surgery because of severe recession of the papillae because there is a high probability of recurrence is not severe enough to be done.

Locate the nipple after local anesthesia around.
Make an incision on both sides of the nipple.
Cut the fiber tissue by pulling the nipple.
Finish the triangular flap.
Use the tissue below to fix the nipple to prevent it from dent.
Suture using the shape of the nipple.

Non-invasive Preservation / Non-Breastfeeding

If you have had previous nipple surgery and have had recurrence or severe degree of depression, it may affect the breastfeeding in the future because it may be damaged after surgery.

Locate the nipple after local anesthesia.
Make an incision on both sides of the nipple.
Cut the fiber tissue by pulling the nipple.
Use the tissue below to fix the nipple to prevent it from dent.
Suture using the nipple shape.
A normal nipple is created.

Precautions after surgery

  • From 6 hours after the operation, you can eat food and you should eat mild food porridge.
  • A light shower can be done after 48 hours of operation. (It is not good if you are immersed in the water or in a hot environment.)
  • Depending on individual differences, it can cause swelling and bruising. Do not bend your head or bow when sleeping; use 2~3 pillows to make 20~30 degree upper body. This will help prevent swelling and pain.
  • During the first week after operation, the arm should not be raised over 90 degrees and it is best to lift heavy objects or to act on your arms.
  • From 2 weeks after surgery, light exercise like jogging is possible.
  • Drinking and smoking after surgery can slow down the healing and should be avoided for 3~4weeks. Be careful of strong trauma during recovery.

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