No more drooping breast!

Voluminous proportional breast!

Breast Lift

Operation Hour 2-3 Hours
Anesthesia General Anesthesia
Hospitalization 1 day
Stitch out After 10 days
Downtime Daily life after 2 weeks

What is Breast Lift?

Perfection of resilience breast line, Breast Lift

The breast is sagged as the skin is stretched and resilience is lowered due to reduced breast tissues and fat.

The Breast Lift is a surgery that corrects the breast shape and position of nipples by identifying the size and extent of sagginess of the breast. A resilient, natural, and beautiful breast line is created by raising the sagged breast up and adding volume to the breast.

breast lift


Breast augmentation


Natural and resilient
Ruby's breast lift

Recommended to

Case 01

Sagged and small breast

Case 02

Low elasticity by aging process

Case 03

Sagging breast after a birth

Case 04

Sagging breast due to a rapid diet

Golden ratio for ideal breast

  • The distance from the middle of the collarbone to nipple 18cm~22cm
  • The distance from the left and right aerolar 18cm~22cm
  • The distance from the aerolar to the underline 5cm~6cm
  • Upper breast should be flat at 90degree based on the nipple
  • Lower breast should be 110degree~120degree based on the nipple
  • Smooth breast line from the collarbone to the nipples without being too convex or flat on the upper breast volume
  • Voluminous, round tear droped shape breast

Self-Diagnosis of Sagged Breast

Degree of Sagging Breast

Grade A If the nipple is on the breast and wrinkle line or falls lower than 1cm
Grade B If the nipple falls lower than 1~3cm than the breast and the wrinkle but above the bottom of the breast tissue
Grade C If the nipple is lower than the breast and wrinkle by more than 3cm and direction of the nipple faces completely downwards

If the sagged breast is not properly corrected before surgery and augmentation surgery is performed, the upper breast may become convex or create double wrinkles which can be unnatural. Therefore, it is important to consult with a skilled specialist first and then receive the most appropriate surgery for each individual.

Core Competitiveness


Proportional and natural breast!


Accurate and safe!


Minimal pain and tissue damage, and Fast Recovery!


Minimal pain and tissue damage, and Fast Recovery!
Proportional Breast!
The Lifting and Breast Augmentation Surgery not only corrects sagged breast but also adds volume to create a resilient breast.
Ruby's skilled professional medical staff conducts highly satisfactory surgeries.
Prevent Side Effects by Reducing Blood Vessel and Nerve Damage!
By directly examining the nerves and blood vessels of the breast tissue through endoscope, the structure can be accurately separated. This prevents side effects by minimizing blood vessel and nerve damage.
Safety Approved Implants
The teardrop implants used at Ruby’s are safe and approved by the U.S. FDA. Therefore, it is reliable.
Pain No! Scar No! Fast Recovery OK!
The Lifting and Breast Augmentation Surgery is a very difficult surgery that simultaneously corrects sagged breast and breast volume, so it is very important for skilled professional medical staff to perform the surgery directly.
Ruby proceeds with safe and satisfactory surgery with little scarring.

Surgical Method

Sagging Breast Correction + breast augmentation = Lifting and Breast Augmentation Surgery

The Lifting and Breast Augmentation Surgery is a way of correcting the sagged breast while enlarging the breast size.

< Middle Sagged Breast >

Middle Sagged Breast with less volume
You can easily make firm and resilient breasts with a general breast augmentation surgery.

< Severe Sagged Breast >

Severe Sagged Breast with less volume
Vertical incision can be used to incise the underlying skin to the contralateral side, collect the breast tissue, fix it to the upper chest cage, and perform an augmentation surgery using the implant, if necessary.

Other Methods for Correcting Sagged Breasts

Sagged breast figure + Breast Reduction

A way to reduce the breast size while correcting the sagged breast.
Areolas incision

A surgery method that removes a part of the breast tissue by the cutting the circumference of the areolas.

Suitable for weak breasts with sagging
Possible to move nipples to a desired position
Breast feeding after surgery is possible and preservation of nipple senses
Less scarring and faster recovery than other surgical methods
Vertical incision

A surgery method in which the areolas is incised and another incision is made about 4~5cm vertically downwards.

Suitable for breast with sever sagging
Breast augmentation can be performed simultaneously with correction of sagged breasts
Breast feeding after surgery is possible and preservation of nipple senses
Less scarring than the 'O' shaped incision
'O' shaped incision

A surgery method in which an incision is made from the nipple to the undersurface of the breast in an 'O' shape.

Suitable for very severe breast size and sagging
The amount that can be reduced is larger than that of other surgeries
Correct the position of the descended nipple A possibility of scarring compared with other surgical methods.

Sagged Breast Correction

A surgery method that corrects only the sagged part without changing the size of the breast.
More natural with using individual's tissues
Sagged breast correction and resilience increase
Possible for breasts with severe sagging
Breast feeding after surgery is possible and preservation of nipple senses

Precautions after surgery

  • A light shower can be done after 48 hours of operation. (It is not good if you are immersed in the water or in a hot environment.)
  • Depending on individual differences, it can cause swelling and bruising. Do not bend your head or bow when sleeping; use 2~3 pillows to make 20~30 degree upper body. This will help prevent swelling and pain.
  • During the first week after operation, the arm should not be raised over 90 degrees and it is best to lift heavy objects or to act on your arms.
  • From 2 weeks after surgery, light exercise like jogging is possible.
  • Drinking and smoking after surgery can slow down the healing and should be avoided for 3~4weeks. Be careful of strong trauma during recovery.

Ruby's Point

Correct implant size to fit the body; insertion position; etc. must be calculated accurately to create natural and beautiful breast.

Ruby Plastic Surgery carries out customized breast surgery that is perfect for patients with surgical know-how from many surgical cases.

1:1 Customized Surgery
Surgery is performed with customized implant accordingly to patients’ individual chest; body; width and breast shape.
Texture, size, shape satisfaction
High satisfaction with soft texture and natural movement
No side effect!
High safety with US FDA approved NUSIL and ASC usage
Re-operation OK!
Quality satisfaction even with difficult reoperation

Types of Breast Implant

Patients can choose which implant to use for higher satisfaction.

Implant by shape
Round Shape
The most used implant
Upper breast volume UP!
Overall volume OK!
Teardrop Shape
Most natural shape
Ideal convex breast line
Recommended for flat and sagged breast

Insertion of Breast Implant by area

Breast is located between the skin and the chest muscle (pectoralis), implants are usually inserted beneath or over the chest muscles, or below the mammary tissue.

Beneath the mammary gland
It is a method where the implant is inserted beneath the mammary gland.
It is suitable for those who have chest volume already with a lot of chest tissues. If you have dense breast with little fat; it is prone to capsular contracture and will be unnatural looking.
A wide gap between breast
Collection with volume when breast cleavage is open
Insufficient volume on breast
Beneath the muscles
This surgery is done by an endoscopic underarm incision by inserting the implant beneath the chest muscle (pectoralis).
Effective in making small breast enlargement and suitable for those who have less skin and breast tissue.
Effective for small breast enlargement and for natural shape
Reduced nerve damage during surgery
Almost invisible implant line as it is inserted under the muscle.
As implant is not near the mammary gland, it should not interfere with breast cancer screening.
Beneath the chest muscle (pectoralis)
It is a method where an implant pocket is created between the chest muscle and the fascia to position the implant. This method is less painful as it does not resect the chest muscles like a double plane and has lower chances of membranes build-up than muscularis inserton method; it is especially more natural looking with teardrop implant.
Effective with sagging breast correction
Can create more natural look and texture
As implant is fixed between the fascia and chest muscle, there is less chances of implant shape change

Incision by area


About 3.5cm incision will be made along the wrinkle line.
Ruby uses high-tech endoscope to reduce the possibilities of bleeding and improve accuracy.


  • Reduced damage to important nerves and tissues
  • Invisible scarring with the usage of endoscope during surgery
  • Faster recovery with reduced pain level and swelling
  • No worries for capsular contracture
  • No worries for asymmetry due to accurate separation


A method where the incision will be made around 3cm at the edges of the areola.
There is little scarring but occasionally there is a possibility of a slight decline in the sensation of the nipple.


  • Scarring is almost invisible.
  • Pain level is reduced as it is close to the insertion position.
  • Scar heals quickly as skin is thin
  • Incision site allows for sophisticated operation with easy access to the breast
  • Arms can be moved around freely


A method where the incision is made at the fold underneath the breast to insert the implant and it is advantageous for operations which requires a complicated reoperation or correction. Scars can be seen a little when lying down and it is a useful method when the fold line is strong or want to enlarge the breast bigger.


  • Suitable for any breast shape
  • Easy accessibility as it enables wide field of view
  • Somewhat advantageous when operating with teardrop implant
  • Faster recovery as pain and bleeding level is minimized
  • Arms can be moved around freely

Safety first patient-centered breast surgery

Why it should be at Ruby!

1:1 Customized Breast Surgery

Surgery is performed with customized implant accordingly to patient's individual chest, body, width and breast shape.

Safe anesthesia real-time monitoring system

Anesthesiologist specialist resides for 1:1 responsible anesthesia system until the end of the surgery

Thorough Aseptic Sterilization System

Perfect prevention from super virus and various infections risks; safety ensured with thorough daily sterilization and aseptic sterilization system

Selectable choices of approved brand-specific implants

Using FDA and KFDA approved implants to ensure patient safety after surgery and establishing higher satisfactory outcome by selecting desired implant type

University Hospital graded emergency system

High-tech equipments with professional staffs and university hospital graded emergency system

Aftercare Program

Customized step-by-step aftercare program for faster recovery and best surgical outcome

1:1 exclusive responsibility system

We figure out a patient's need through 1:1 customized consulting and arrange the exact treatment.

We establish a surgery plan most suitable for the patient's face based on the consulting result, and it is the system where a responsible doctor will take totally responsible for the whole process from consultation before surgery to follow-up case.

1:1 Customer customized service

We provide customer-oriented medical service with high satisfaction including systematic consultation and management by the personal doctor customized to patient's individual features and surgery process from consultation before surgery to follow-up care

Professional medical team's treatment system by section

We make the most effort to provide more satisfactory surgery result through precise diagnosis and surgery by professional medical team by each part such as eyes surgery, nose surgery, face contouring, breast surgery, body surgery and surgery for making a baby face.

Accurate and safe professional anesthesia system

As a professional doctor in the anesthesiology always resides in the hospital, we arrange a safe surgery by performing responsible anesthesia and checking the patient's state during the whole processes of the surgery.

We've built a university hospital-class emergency care system in order to rapidly respond to emergency situation which may occur in the hospital.

Built up high-tech medical equipment for safe surgery

We perform safe and exact surgery by introducing high-tech medical equipment including the air sterilizer, independent electric power system, uninterruptable power supply, automated external defibrillator and emergency rescue equipment and by analyzing the patient's state precisely.