Makes a slim and refined nose define nasal bones!


Operation Hour About 30mins
Anesthesia Painless Local Anesthesia(Regional)
Hospitalization Not required
Stitch out After 5-7days
Downtime Daily life after 1-2 weeks

What is osteotomy?

Osteotomy makes a slim and sophisticated image by bringing nasal bones together.

If nasal bones are too wide to make your impression stubby, this surgery fractures and brings both sides of nasal bones together. It will make a sharp and slim nose by drawing nasal bones toward the inside if the nose bridge is too thick or too wide.
13mm for male and 10mm for female is an ideal width for Asian.

As for Korean people

13mm for male and 10mm for female is an appropriate figure.

Recommended to

Case 01

Nose looks wide on the bridge

Case 02

Thick bridge looks like chubby nose

Case 03

Wide bridge, and bulbous nose with low height

Case 04

Seeking for a sophiscated look from wide and bulky nose

Core Competitiveness


Customized surgery suitable for individual’s face!


Makes a stylish look with a slim nose!


Minimizes scars and swelling!


Professional medical team with lots of experience will perform the surgery directly!

What's this point?

  • 01. It makes a stubby and wide nose into a sharp and slim one, making slimmer and refined image.
  • As the nose bridge is wide, it may cause unbalanced nose only by raising the bridge simply. Therefore, it is important to find out thickness and line of the bridge balanced with your face.
  • As the surgery minimizes damage to tissues with careful incision and causes little swelling and scars, you can get back to daily life quickly.

As the nose bridge is wide, it may cause unbalanced nose only by raising the bridge simply. Therefore, it is important to find out thickness and line of the bridge balanced with your face.
When seeing from the front, it is ideal that line of the nose bridge starts from the inside of two eyebrows and two lines continuing to the balanced point at the end of the nose are proportional to the patient's face.
For osteotomy which makes a big and wide nose into a beautiful one, you'd better get surgery from professional medical team with rich experience and know-how.

Golden ratio with Rhinoplasty

Ratio of face is 1:1:0.8 vertically.
Width of alar is the same as the distance between eyes, which is 0.8 of the whole face.
Angle of forehead and nose bridge is between 120°~140°.
The nose bridge and the end of chin are collinear.
The angle of lips and columella is between 95°~110°.
The angle of columella and tip is about 45°.
The angle of horizontal line and lips is between 75°~80°.

Surgical Method

It is a surgery to cut the both sides of nasal bones and bring them together if nasal bones are too wide.

Fractures the inside of nasal bones. Rasping for hump can be combined.
Fractures the nasal bones along the boundary through the nostrils.
Bring incised nasal bones together toward the columella.
Wear a splint for perfect settlement after surgery.

While surgeries to narrow the nose bridge as one process of deviated nose surgery or hooked nose surgery in the past, currently they are performed for the purpose of making more defined or slimmer for aesthetic purpose.
What decides the width of nose bridge is a nasal bone and lateral cartilage. Above all, it is decided by the shape of nasal bones, and at this time, surgery will be arranged in the way to bring widened nasal bones together toward the inside.
Lateral osteotomy draws nasal bones toward the inside for a wide and flat nose bridge. It is a special nasal bone osteotomy that cuts the outside of nasal bones and draws it toward the inside, which can reduce the width of nose bridge by adjusting the degree of drawing nasal bones toward the inside.

Safety-first, patient-oriented

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