Unnoticeable big eyes without scar!

For brighter and clearer eyes

Clean epicanthoplasty

Operation Hour About 20mins
Anesthesia Painless Local Anesthesia(Regional)
Hospitalization Not required
Stitch out After 7days
Downtime Daily life after 5-7 days

What is clean epicanthoplasty?

Clean epicanthoplasty for brighter and clearer eyes

Epicanthus that appears in 60% of Korean people covers the front side of eyes, which makes distance between eyes and gives dull impression. in such a case, you can get defined and soft eyes and impression by making your eyes horizontally longer through epicanthoplasty.
The result will be even more satisfactory if you get both this surgery and double eyelid surgery.
Ruby's epicanthoplasty remedies shortcomings of existing epicanthoplasty, which locates the surgery cutting line along the skin texture near conjunctiva and exposes no scars.

Recommended to

Case 01

Dull eyes with short width

Case 02

Sharp at the front of eyes

Case 03

Narrowed eye due to Mongolian fold

Case 04

Wide-set eyes( the distance between eyes is far.)

Case 03

Scar remained from the previous surgery without improvement

Core competitiveness


Customized surgical plan for individual’s face!


Brighter and Bigger eyes!


No scar!
No revision!


Professional medical team with rich experience directly performs a surgery!

What's this point?

  • Clean epicanthoplasty makes natural eyes by considering the balance and shape.
  • It will make brighter eyes by cutting the epicanthus and widening eyes horizontally and by adjusting the slope of eyes for ideal angle.
  • Rarely remains scar and No recurrence!

Surgical Method

Before surgery

Set apart the skin by incision.

Removes unnecessary skin and suture them out towards inside for invisible scar.

Makes brighter, bigger eyes

General Epicanthoplasty VS Clean Epicanthoplasty

Regular epicanthoplasty

  • It may cause bulging area in front of eyes.
  • scars in front of eyes.

Ruby's clean epicanthoplasty

  • Clean and clear surgery area
  • Incisions on the inner corner, No scar

Safety-first, patient-oriented

The reason why you should have surgery in Ruby!